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Professional Photography in Orange County and Worldwide

As a photographer, designer and marketing specialist, I find that I spend my time working on most every other project than my own. This website is a project in process as I begin to dig through over 100,000 photos in my personal and professional library to find some representative shots.

Action Photography

Anaheim Monster Truck Event 2007
European Auto Magazine

Getting the right action shot requires patience and diligence, as well as the right equipment. Quality lenses combined with the right settings get the effects that make for the most unique images. Look through the action galleries to the right for more action shots.

Event Photography

Hans & Terri, Gill/Katz Wedding 2006

From weddings to parties to corporate functions, a skilled, unobtrusive photographer can catch shots that are unique and unplanned. Choosing the right photographer means more than just great photos, but also a professional that will blend in and not distract from the event. We have a team of wedding and event photographers available for any occasion.

Product Shots

Yamaha Keyboard
Carved Wood Bowl
Small Products

Preparation and the right lighting environment make all the difference when shooting products. From print to web photography, lighting and color are most important to get that perfect product shot every time.

People Photography/Headshots

Brian and Terry

A well done headshot can change one’s career. Mood is everything. When done properly, everyone has a world class photo just waiting to be taken.

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